The easiest way to get a trusted taxi near you

Weelz is location-based taxi phonebook app containing a list of taxi company booking phone numbers generated according to your current location and prioritized by user reviews.

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Feature 1

All Taxis in One App

You need to have options when there's a traffic jam, you're in a rush, or when there's a big night in town. Weelz is all about options.

Feature 2

Choose Only the Best

Weelz gives you a chance to choose the best rated taxi companies, and get a safe and comfortable ride, but also to share your experience with other fellow Weelers and help them choose the best for themselves.

Feature 3

Weelz No Matter Where

Are you on vacation, or you're just new in town? No matter where you are, Weelz app will offer you the best and closest taxi service options generated according to your location.







Why Weelz?

Testimonial 1@2x

Before this app I never had all numbers at my phone, not even the numbers of the taxi company I usually call. This makes it much easier for me to call and find other phone numbers when I need them, even when I’m offline.

Dino Mehmedović

Testimonial 2@2x

In Sarajevo there are a lot of illegal taxis, and what I really love about Weelz is that it offers me many safe options approved by users, so when I make a call, I can be sure that I will have a safe and good ride, with no unpleasant surprises.

Sumeja Doljančić

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Get the Weelz Going!

Weelz is a community driven app, inspired by community needs and upgraded and empowered by community contribution. Share your experiences, give recommendation, or simply, rate your ride.